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La Sportiva ist erfreut bekanntzugeben, dass sein Electron Schuh mit dem „Best Debut Award“ von Runners World Magazin ausgezeichnet wurde. Die Auszeichnung wird in der Oktober 2011 Ausgabe vom Runner `s World Magazin präsentiert.

Sowohl der La Sportiva Elektron, als auch der La Sportiva Quantum (erhältlich als Männer- und Frauenmodell) nutzen die La Sportiva’s MorphoDynamic™ Technologie.

Mehr Informationen zur Technologie und zur Auszeichnung für die Laufschuhe gibt es nachfolgend in der offiziellen Pressemeldung:

Bild: La Sportiva

Bild: La Sportiva

La Sportiva’s MorphoDynamic™ technology

It features an ergonomic last that mimics the natural shape of the foot. In a traditional running shoe last there are typically hard corners and a flat bottom, which does not match the foot’s natural shape and creates an upper with dead spots (empty spaces in the shoe). The MorphoDynamic™ ergonomic, slip last cradles the foot and brings the runner closer to the ground, thus increasing stability. This results in a supportive fit, which is more responsive than a traditional flat last.

By using a combination of soft, EVA and lightweight PU wrapped by sticky La Sportiva FriXion® AT rubber, La Sportiva has increased the amount of cushioning midsole without increasing the weight of the product. Our A.T.I. (Adaptable Terrain Interface) sole adapts to the running surface creating a smoother ride and increases the surface area and contact points the outsole has with the terrain. Plus, on top of the PU layer is a firmer EVA layer, which provides stability for the foot.

For the Runner’s World Shoe Lab and Wear Test, every shoe reviewed is first bench-tested at an independent testing facility in Portland, Oregon. All shoes are flexed, pounded and prodded to see how well they perform. Shoes are then matched with 200 wear-testers in Reading, Pennsylvania, and East Lansing, Michigan, to run off-road for a month.

The results of the testing are broken into three categories: Cushioning reflects how soft/firm the midsole is in the heel and forefoot. Too soft, and it may lack durability. Too firm, and it may not insulate the foot well enough. Flexibility analyzes how much torque it takes to flex the shoe at toe-off. Generally, lighter runners need more flexibility. Responsiveness relates to how smoothly a shoe moves with the foot. Runner’s World is one of the only magazine’s in the world to independently test running shoes in this way, in order to give its editors the most objective means necessary to determine which shoes are most deserving of award status.

Bild & Quelle: La Sportiva